Bikini Whitening Cream

Bikini Whitening Cream


Kolagra bikini cream is the first specific whitening aging for genital or sensitive area to control pigmentation due to shaving or polyester clothes with effect of hexylresorcinol, emlica extract, allantoin niacinamide ,lactic acid and vitamin B5 used for lightening whitening unify skin tone.

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  • First whitening specific agent for bikini area with Hexylresorcinol, Niacinamide, Emblica extract, Lactic acid, Tamarind extract, Vitamin B5 , and allntoin
  • Enhances skin appearance
  • Reliefs itching ,powerful moisturizing , powerful antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory effect
  • Acts as a gentle exfoliation
  • Apply Once daily
  • Size is (50 ml)
  • Can be Used for:

1- Hyperpigmentation from sweat and fraction in sensitive area

2-post laser

3-post peeling

4- unify skin tone

5- keep the skin moisturize

6- Acanthosis nigricans

7- pigmentation result from inflammation